HaRPS is a professional organization dedicated to providing a unique service to businesses and private citizens.  Our intention is to perform a thorough investigation from a scientific vantage, ruling out all natural causes of reported activity.  We aim to give our clients peace of mind and validation of their experiences and provide them with the knowledge and answers they seek.  In many  instances our investigation is a valuable tool to delve deeper into the history and legend of a historically significant location, leaving those involved with a better understanding of the phenomenon, supernatural or otherwise.

We research the history of the location to be investigated as well as conduct in-depth interviews to gain insight into the experiences of those involved as well as further our knowledge of the location’s history.  Our investigations generally take 4-6 hours and are minimally intrusive.  We use only a select group of investigators and conduct ourselves in the appropriate manner conducive to the location.

Our organization is licensed and insured in Virginia.  Our group began in August of 2007 and has a core group of 8 investigators, which includes tech specialists, a weather specialist, a case manager and research associate.

We work with you under the strictest of confidentiality.  Your name, specific location and details of our investigation will not be revealed or publicized except upon your request.  There is never a charge for our services. 


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