Bed & Breakfast

In February of 2008 HaRPS was given the opportunity to investigate a local historic bed and breakfast inn.  Built in the late 1800’s and lovingly restored, the inn was suspected of paranormal activity.  Although the owner had not experienced anything out of the ordinary, guests had reported noises and strange sightings.  No details were provided.  The owner indicated one room in particular where she thought we should concentrate our investigative efforts.

HaRPS arrived around 7:00 p.m. and were given a tour of the inn.  We set up our equipment and began the investigation.  All 8 members of the group were present.  We paired up and each took a section of the inn.  No members experienced anything first-hand during the investigation; however, one member captured an eerie EVP. 

While investigating a top-floor room, one investigator asked, “Would you like us to leave?”  The immediate response was “Yes, please.”  The words were very clear.

            We were somewhat surprised to have captured evidence at the inn.  But that is what is most intriguing about paranormal investigation.  Even though you may feel or see nothing during the investigation, this does not necessarily mean that something won’t show up later in film or audio.


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