Corey Schmidt

Technical & Investigator

Corey comes to us from Wyoming and is currently a residential electronic installer.  Corey’s first paranormal experience occurred when he was 18.  While rehearsing on stage he saw a black mass move through a light in the back of the theatre.  Corey’s interest in the paranormal stems from his desire to figure out the unknown.  He joined the group specifically to find ghosts.  Being an insomniac is an advantage to the group’s investigations, since most are performed late at night extending into the early morning hours.  Corey has an avid interest in the technical and enjoys playing with “gizmos”.  Corey’s video surveillance and technical knowledge has become invaluable to the group, and his critical eye is crucial to debunking and reviewing evidence.  He enjoys spending time in places that he never would have if it weren’t for the group’s investigations.  Corey has a fascination with things that go bump in the night and is hoping to catch solid video evidence of paranormal activities.


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