CrissCross Bingo Board Maker

crisscross board game

Make and print Crisscross Bingo cards

with your choice of images, text or both. If you want to make boards with images, just select images for down and across. When you are ready, click make it and the maker will do the rest.

The maker will randomize your choices and make 6 boards (2 per page.) If you need more, just refresh your browser to get 6 new arrangements.

You are making 3x3 boards and your image category is Plural.
(To change the category, see the CrissCross page.)

Select images for your boards:

Images - across:

Images - down:

Text - across:

Text - down:

Font Face:  
Comic Sans
Font Size:  

These boards are set to randomize 6 options. I choose six so that you can use the dice makers to create a set of dice to match your boards. If you are using flashards or other means that require more options, you can just come back to this menu and edit your choices above to make more cards.

Instead of choosing images, you can use the boxes to the right to enter text, but you can't do both in the same row or column. If you want to use text, leave the images blank and visa versa. The text slots will add your text to the boards but if you have already selected an image, it will add both. 'Make it' and you'll see what kind of madness it causes :) Don't worry you won't break it. It will just look strange. You can make a mix of half text across and half images down for example.

After you make the game board and print them, refresh the browser and the maker will generate a new configuration. Print off as many pages as you need.

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