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from Tools for Educators: Make 100% customizable printable crossword puzzles with text clues or choose from thousands of images to use images as the clues. You also have the option of both text and images together.

For text hints above the images, use the 'hints' field with image hints as well.

Image 1 Hint 1 Answer 1
Image 2 Hint 2 Answer 2
Image 3 Hint 3 Answer 3
Image 4 Hint 4 Answer 4
Image 5 Hint 5 Answer 5
Image 6 Hint 6 Answer 6
Image 7 Hint 7 Answer 7
Image 8 Hint 8 Answer 8
Image 9 Hint 9 Answer 9
Image 10 Hint 10 Answer 10
Image 11 Hint 11 Answer 11
Image 12 Hint 12 Answer 12
Image 13 Hint 13 Answer 13
Image 14 Hint 14 Answer 14
Image 15 Hint 15 Answer 15

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The maker times out: The crossword maker will attempt to make a crossword with all of your words. If it cannot, the maker may time out, giving a 500 error. You can refresh the browser and the maker will try again. If that doesn't work, you may need to increase the amount of words you have or add a couple longer words to help build the puzzle.

The puzzle looks strange: The maker will generate a puzzle and then shrink it to the available space on the page. If the puzzle is very long or very tall, it will shrink and become small. Just refresh your page and the maker will build the puzzle again.

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