The back parlor, where people have claimed to feel a "heavy" presence.


Ferry PlantationVirginia Beach

            A gracious example of Federal architecture and undergoing restoration by the Ferry Foundation, the Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach is home to at least eleven confirmed spirits including the Witch of Pungo, Grace Sherwood.  With such an active paranormal history, HaRPS was honored to investigate the historic home in March of 2008.  After setting up in the foyer, we began sending teams into the house.  Our most prominent encounter was with the spirit of nine-year-old Eric, who fell from an upstairs window.  One investigative team encouraged Eric to play tag.  Attempts to get Eric to respond to their prompts were rewarded with the sound of a child giggling.

            Other investigators experienced temperature fluctuations as well as various anomalous readings on EMF detectors.  The K2 meter was used to attempt communication, in which investigators asked the spirit to communicate by making the K2 meter light up.  Our investigators witnessed and recorded heavy activity with the meter.  All teams conducted in-depth investigations in each room of the home.  We left Ferry Plantation House after a 7-hour investigation, knowing that we would return for another investigation soon in the hopes of gaining more insight into the plethora of reported activity.


                      Corey taking a temperature reading in the front parlor. 


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