Kelly Nichols

Case Manager & Investigator

A native of Virginia, Kelly currently works in accounting and has a background in marketing.  She was very sensitive to the paranormal at an early age, having had her first experience when she was 4 years old.  Kelly saw the apparitions of two women, whom she later found out, were ancestors who were attempting to communicate.  She has always had the ability to sense the presence of ghosts.  In later years, her sensitivity waned but her interest in the paranormal has only increased.  Kelly has studied the paranormal through books, TV and the internet since she was a small child and has had several experiences over the years.  Kelly brings an intelligent open-mindedness to the group that, along with her marketing background, helps facilitate her role as Case Manager.  Kelly‚Äôs sensitivity and knowledge of the paranormal has proven invaluable in our investigations.  Her desire to gain further understanding of the paranormal aids in her continuing interest and drive to help others.



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