Kristine James

Founder & Lead Investigator

Kristine is originally from New York and currently owns her own small variety store in Gloucester, VA.  Her interest in the paranormal began at the age of 12 when she saw the apparition of a 17-year-old boy who had committed suicide a year earlier.  He appeared in Kristine’s backyard and was looking at her house.  Her dog was highly agitated so she let him out.  When she looked again, the boy was gone.  Kristine has a strong sense of family, enjoys spending time with friends and working with animals.  Kristine’s daily interactions with the public serve well for her role within the group.  She provides strong and fair leadership capabilities and handles stressful or difficult situations well.  Kristine formed the group to help people understand the paranormal.  Due largely in part to her sensitivity to and respect for others, Kristine builds solid client relationships.  Kristine has helped build HaRPS into a caring group of investigators whose search for answers and understanding is tantamount to the group’s success.


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