Museum - Richmond

In November of 2008 we were granted the opportunity to investigate a museum in Richmond.  Upon arrival, we were given a tour of the various buildings and grounds and then began setting up our equipment.  We placed three stationary cameras and DVR’s.  We set off in two teams of two investigators, each covering one building at a time.  We took EMF readings, which were significantly high in some areas with noted consistency.  There was quite a bit of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the museum, which contributed to these readings.  Care was taken with all EVP work to note exterior noises such as traffic, HVAC and people passing on the streets surrounding the museum. 

            One exhibit area in particular was the subject of much K2 activity.  While upstairs investigating a storage area, one investigator’s radio kept going off, even though no one was using it at the time.  We could find no other cause of interference.  When the radio went off during an EVP session, we asked if there was anyone present and could they try to communicate with us.  The radio went off.  When asked if that was them, the radio went off again.  We confirmed with other investigators that they were not using their radios. 

            In the same building, an investigator that was sitting in the doorway of a storage room witnessed a dark shadow pass quickly from the hallway into a room across from where they sat.  This area was upstairs, so cars or pedestrians passing by on the street would probably not cause this.  No solid evidence was captured to collaborate the experience.

            The K2 was used to attempt communication.  After a series of questions, one investigator asked if there was a male or female present.  There was no response.  The investigator then asked if there was a girl present.  The lights on the K2 responded.  When asked if there was a boy present, the K2 again responded.  When asked how many were present…one, two, three, etc. the K2 responded when the investigator had counted to eight.  The investigator then asked, “Are there 8 of you?”  The K2 responded in confirmation.

            *HaRPS is aware that the K2 meter is still under speculation and trial for its use in paranormal investigation.  We only wish to report our findings while using the meter, while we as researchers remain skeptical of any results derived from its use.


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