Prentis House - Suffolk 

      On the evening of May 16, 2009 HaRPS was given the opportunity to investigate one of the oldest homes in Suffolk.  Seven members of the team arrived around dusk at the Prentis House.  At that time a few members went inside and listened to claims of full-body apparitions, disembodied voices and objects being tossed across the room. As an additional bonus, the body of the original owner was buried across the street in the Cedar Hills Cemetery, so we were able to visit the gravesite and pay our respects before starting the investigation.

     One of the most interesting claims was that of an employee who was working late one evening on the third floor.  She was listening to the television from the second floor, which she had turned up to a high volume.  Suddenly, the television became silent and the employee heard a thump.  When she went downstairs to investigate, the television was turned off and the remote control that had been on top of the television was now across the room.

     We were able to set up a four camera surveillance system throughout all the areas that had claims of activity in this four level structure.  We also had a number of handheld voice recorders set up in the house, as well as a recorder that went with every team that investigated that evening.  As always, we started the evening taking base readings in temperature and EMF. 

     Our team went out in groups of two the entire evening to conduct their investigation.  Throughout the night the team held a number of EVP sessions, attempts at debunking claims of activities, consistently checking EMF readings, and taking a number of photographs in hopes of catching visual evidence. 

     One team did have a personal experience.  They had asked for a sign of a presence and heard a knock seconds after.  At the same time as the knock the KII meter started flashing as well.   We were unable to recreate or debunk any of the claims.  After roughly 5-plus hours of investigating, the team started breaking down the equipment and handing out evidence review duties.  Even though we had a fairly quiet evening in the Prentis House, we did catch a voice phenomenon on audio recording.   Although it was not the greatest evidence we are always excited to catch any unexplained activity.

     The team was honored to investigate this amazing historical building and look forward to working with the wonderful staff of the Prentis House in the future.



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