Private Residence – Newport News

     In February of 2009, we were contacted by a resident in Newport News who had experienced some unique activity.  When opening her china cabinet to retrieve wine glasses for a dinner, the owner was surprised to find the residue of red wine in the first glass she took out.  Thinking that maybe she had missed one in the washing process after their last dinner party, she began taking out more glasses.  All twelve, which hadn't been used before, contained the residue!  Who -- or what -- had been using the glasses? 

    Another similar incident occurred when the owners had relatives staying at the house.  After placing cloth napkins on the table at each place setting the previous evening, the next morning at breakfast one was missing.  After questioning her guests, she determined that no one had removed the napkin.  Later, when getting a dish towel from a drawer in the kitchen, she found the napkin...laundered and neatly folded in the drawer.

    The apparition of a woman has also been seen in years past.  She was described as wearing a short dress, perhaps something reminiscent of the 1920's, the decade the home was built.  Toys belonging to the owner's cat had mysteriously made their way back outside the bedroom door after the owner had put them in a desk in another room.  When questioned, no one else in the house had moved the toys.  On one occasion, as the owner came to the second floor landing, a glass candleholder flew off the shelf and crashed at her feet.  Was the ghostly mover of objects a past resident who liked to entertain?

     The owner called HaRPS to see if we could perhaps capture anything.  We conducted our investigation, setting up cameras in the dining room, second floor landing, by the bedroom door and in the kitchen where the napkin disappeared.  We performed an EMF and temperature sweep of the house.  No abnormal readings were noted.  We set up a motion sensor on the second floor landing.  We performed EVP work throughout the home.  After review of our material, we did not capture any evidence of paranormal activity. 

     As in many cases, not capturing any evidence of paranormal activity simply means that nothing occurred during our investigation.


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