Private Residence – Zuni

HaRPS returned for a follow-up investigation at a private residence in Zuni.  Four members were on sight for this go around.  We set up our surveillance cameras around the property.  Three were inside the building and one was set up directly outside of a window that has been claimed to rattle for no obvious reason.  The team also placed three handheld audio recorders around the building for the duration of the investigation. 

Upon starting our investigation the team noticed that there was an unusual electromagnetic reading around the house once again.  The team was able to confirm the source of the EMF as that coming from power lines running through the property.  The second claim that we focused on was the rattling window.  The team had observed the window when there was a breeze, traffic and a train going by, but none of these caused the window to rattle.  We are still unsure of what causes the window to rattle.

At one point in the evening two members of the team were conducting an EVP session in the back room of the building when the team that was observing the surveillance cameras called in over the handheld radios to confirm where the members were.  They had seen a figure walking around outside of the window in the room.  At that same moment the handheld camera that had about an hour of power left on the battery drained and died.  At the same time the KII meter became active. 

The team continued the EVP session and seemed to be getting responses in the form of the window rattling.  Upon reviewing the evidence, the team had caught the window rattle numerous times that evening but nothing that suggested what was making it rattle.  There was also an EVP captured on the handheld recorder that was placed outside of the window.  Also, there were a couple of times when the window rattled and then what sounded like something rubbing against the microphone.

All in all, this investigation proved to “rattle” our paranormal senses with no obvious explanation!




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