Private Residence – Zuni

     In the cold days of December, we were contacted by a friend of HaRPS to investigate an abandoned building dubbed "the bad house".  Three investigators were on the scene that night.  Four surveillance cameras were set up and two audio recorders were left stationary.  Investigators employed EMF meters as well as a K-2 meter. 

     The house itself evoked an uneasy feeling from the moment our team arrived.  Upon doing base readings, the group found that the house put off an unexplainable EMF reading.  Currently, there was no electricity to the house and there hadn't been any power there for years.  However, the meter gave constant readings at four feet in height.  Any higher or lower and the spike would go away, but four feet in height the meter continued to spike. 

     There were claims of a window that would rattle in the house.  The team looked into the claim and found that the window was loosely in place but needed a great deal of force for it to rattle.  Later that evening while two of our investigators were in the house they personally experienced the sound of the window rattling.  The audio recorders picked up the sound several times that evening when no one was in the house. 

     In reviewing the audio evidence, the team discovered a voice on the recorder.  We are hoping to visit this location again to obtain further explanation of these events.  The primary house on the property also has claims of activities associated with it as well.  All in all, a successful investigation. 



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