Private Residence – Ft. Monroe

            In October of 2008, we were contacted by a resident at base housing on Ft. Monroe who was experiencing what can only be described as a blurry motion in one particular area of their home.  After years of experiencing this and unable to find any logical or natural explanation for the activity, the couple decided to call HaRPS.  They simply wanted to find the source for the phenomena.  Since the home was small, HaRPS sent only two investigators, armed with K2 meter, a motion detector, digital thermometer, digital voice recorders and digital camera.  The motion detector and a DVR were placed in the living room where the activity had been witnessed.  A second DVR was placed on the back of the toilet in the bathroom.  Baseline readings were conducted.

            Following lights out, the team settled into the living room and began asking basic questions such as, “Is anyone here?” and “Would you like to talk to us?”  During questioning the K2 meter indicated there was a presence.  The team continued with questions such as, “Are you a soldier?”  The indication of the meter was yes.  When asked its gender, the entity indicated male.  Digital photographs were taken during questioning.  When asked if they could make a noise, a faint knock was heard by both investigators.  One investigator asked if they could knock harder and a louder knock was heard by both.  At that time, they decided to investigate the kitchen, from where the knock sounded.  Upon entering the kitchen, the temperature dropped from 73 degrees to 64. 

            In reviewing the evidence, several EVP’s were recorded but no images were captured.  One EVP was a loud whispered sigh from the bathroom DVR.  The other EVP was hard to understand but consisted of two syllables, possibly a name.

            Since the investigation, the family has stated that the water in the bathroom turned on by itself and the blur is still making appearances.  We believe their haunting has residual as well as intelligent aspects.  The residual is based upon the blurry motion that happens almost daily in the same spot.  The intelligent one seems to want to make contact and makes no indication of being negative.  Ft. Monroe is full of energy from times past and will certainly continue to intrigue people…alive and beyond.


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