Private Residence – Norfolk

            HaRPS was called in to investigate at a base housing unit in August of 2008.  Reported activity ranged from full-body apparitions to lights turning on and off by themselves.  Activity seemed to center around an antique mirror in the home, where images of people other than those looking into the mirror were seen.

            Upon initial interviews we suspected that a large number of the occurrences were centered around the family’s teenage son.

            When taking EMF readings in the upstairs hall, we encountered dangerously high readings near the spot where the residents claimed the lights would turn off and on by themselves.  When banging on the wall near the switch, we found the lights would turn on and off.  It was determined that the wiring was faulty, causing the lights to act on their own.  This, in addition to the high EMF readings, was reported to the family with the advice that they have this looked into immediately for reasons of safety.

            After a thorough investigation into all reports of activity, we were unable to find any activity outside the normal realm.


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