If you or someone you know is experiencing what may be paranormal activity in a home or business, you can contact us by email (harpsvaghosts@yahoo.com).  Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Name of person to contact
  • Phone number and/or e-mail address
  • Best time to call
  • Is this a home or business?
  • Location (city)
  • Age of location (approx. year built)
  • Any known information about location or previous occupants
  • Type of activity experienced (unexplained sounds, movement of objects, moving doors/windows, unexplained odors, voices, apparitions, shadows, etc.)
  • Any further details you would like us to know

Our mission is to help people who are experiencing activity that they cannot explain.  There is never a charge for our services.  All information you provide will be kept confidential. 

Once we receive your request, HaRPS will review the information you provide and our case manager will contact you to further discuss your experiences and arrange for an investigation if warranted.  Please allow 2-3 days for our response unless you specify otherwise.  We will make every effort to assist you promptly.



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