The front room of the restaurant aglow with hospitality...and possibly ghosts.


Freemason Abbey Restaurant – Norfolk

            In May of 2008, HaRPS was permitted to investigate this local favorite restaurant.  HaRPS arrived at the restaurant after closing and met with the manager.  After a tour and overview of the activity, the tech team set up our base in the office while employees of the restaurant were interviewed about their experiences.  We set up an experiment in the bar according to accounts of straws being removed from glasses.  We had a camera set up to monitor this area.  At about 3 a.m. investigators monitoring the video cameras watched in astonishment as the straws in the glass placed on the bar began to move!  We quickly radioed the investigators currently in the bar to confirm the activity.  Those monitoring the cameras were then informed from a very punchy investigation team that they were the culprits.  This is an example of keeping levity in situations where the hour is late and the monitors inactive.  It is things like this that keep us alert throughout our long vigils.

            As for actual evidence, we picked up an anomalous shadow with a portable video camera.  Comparing this to photographs taken prior to lights out, we ascertained that the shadow was not caused by light reflection or other objects present in the room.  We could find no explanation for this shadow.

            There was an EVP recorded on the upper floor of the restaurant.  We were served up a great investigative opportunity by the restaurant and we were grateful for the staff for the hospitality they extended.


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