Return to Ferry Plantation - Va. Beach

Returning for a follow-up investigation to the Ferry Plantation House in October of 2008, our investigators encountered more temperature and EMF fluctuations.  When using the K2 EMF meter, the spirit of the nine-year-old boy, Eric, seemed to communicate with us by making the meter light up when asked.  We also captured some compelling EVP evidence of his presence.  After a lengthy K2 session, which was recorded on hand-held video, the lights of the meter began to return to normal, indicating a normal EMF range….no paranormal activity.  Our investigator continued to speak to Eric.  She said, “I don't believe you're here anymore.  I think you left the room.  Can you tell me that you're still here?"  Immediately following this question, the voice of a young child is heard saying, “I’m here”, which was picked up on our digital recorder.  We also captured what may be the sound of Eric as he fell from the window upstairs, an unsettling residual replay of the young boy’s tragic accident.  Sounds of knocking were also recorded in several areas of the house.

One team captured on film the K2 meter fluctuating for an extended period of time in response to questions asked by the investigator.  This occurred next to the fireplace, where the ghost of a servant, Henry, has been seen.

It is obvious, from our investigation and from the various reports by visitors and staff alike, that the Ferry Plantation House is alive with the sights and sounds of the past.


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