Riddick's Folly - Suffolk 


We were welcomed into Riddick's Folly for an investigation on October 3, 2009.  Riddick's Folly was built in 1837 by Mills Riddick.  This 21-room, 8,000 square foot mansion is the only historic house museum in Suffolk and is a true testament to 19th century history. 

This mansion served as a private residence and was headquarters for the Union Army during the occupation of Suffolk.  Descendents of the Riddick family occupied the home until 1967, when the home was purchased by Nansemond County for use as offices.  In 1977, Riddick's Folly was established as a museum and underwent extensive renovation in the 1980's. 

Claims of paranormal activity range from disemboded voices to the movement of objects.  An apparition has also been seen in the basement kitchen.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to investigate such a significant part of Tidewater history.


Further details on investigation coming soon.



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