Sarah Woolsey

Technical & Lead Investigator

A native of Hampton, Sarah is currently employed by the city.  Sarah’s entry into the paranormal began in April of 2006 when she went on a mission trip and was accompanied by an evil spirit.  Sarah began investigating the paranormal with the founders of this group.  She joined the group upon its inception to search for further answers to the paranormal.  Sarah brings with her a strong religious background.  A sharp wit combined with a keen intellect enable her to carry out thorough investigations without taking the work too seriously.  Her technical skills enable the group to function smoothly during set-up.  Outside of the group, Sarah enjoys playing softball, a sport in which she was active in high school and college.  Since joining the group, Sarah has become an invaluable member who possesses a solid spirituality and quest for knowledge, combined with just the right touch of levity.



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