Free spelling worksheet maker or spelling test maker

to use as resources for English class, ESL, or just as materials to add to your phonics curriculum.

Choose the correct word or correct spelling worksheets: Choose a picture and write in three options for the spelling or three different words with one correct option. You could also write two words that apply to the object and one that doesn't. Students would select the correct words. You can also write in sentences explaining the picture and other sentences that have nothing to do with the picture. Then the students would read the three choices and select the correct sentence for the picture.

This spelling worksheet maker allows you to create spelling worksheets to print or small reading quizzes on any theme with pictures. You can write single words, jumbled words, misspelled words, and have the students circle the correct spelling.

These can handle some foreign languages as well. So, French teachers, LOTE teachers, German teachers, Spanish teachers and more can use the reading sheet maker in their classes as well. These are also great for preschool, kindergarten and other elementary school teachers to use as young learner resources.

More reading and spelling worksheet makers:

Once your worksheet has been generated, click on the print button. If you are on a mobile phone, you will need to print the worksheet like you would print any page off the internet.

These should print fine if you are printing on A4 paper or Letter. However, if the resource is printing on two pages, go to 'file' and select 'page properties.' You'll see an option for margins. Reduce the top and bottom margins and then close that window. Now you are ready to print.

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