Byrd Theatre - Richmond

            In April of 2008 HaRPS was granted permission to investigate this local historic theatre.  Built in the early 1900’s, the Byrd Theatre is home to several ghosts.  When first entering the theatre, one is overcome with the grandiose style of a bygone era.  When entering the auditorium area, one senses being watched.  I personally had the sensation of someone watching very intently.  The hair on my neck stood on edge and I had chills.  Several members also experienced this in the auditorium.

            There was a sense of dread for several members as they approached the mezzanine and upstairs men’s restroom.  One team refused to go into the area.

            The downstairs bath is thought to be haunted by a little girl looking for her mother.  When carrying out EVP work, one investigator asked, “What is your mother’s name?"  When playing back the recording, there is what sounds like the faint voice of a child saying a name.

            While heading to the balcony, a team began making requests such as, “show us you’re here” and “make a noise”.  At that moment, one investigator felt a tug on her shirt and a touch on the lower part of her back.  The other investigator was four feet away and confirmed that she did not touch her.

            The night was long and exhausting, and despite the lack of substantial evidence, the opportunity to investigate such a historical venue was enjoyed by all.  The personal experiences were also worthwhile to our investigators.


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