How We Conduct An Investigation

     This is based on an actual investigation and will give you an idea of our typical investigation procedure.

     We arrive around midnight, after the business has closed.  The founder and co-founder meet briefly with the manager to establish the central areas of activity so that the team can set up cameras in those key places.  The manager tells of reported activity, either relayed by employees or from first-hand experiences. 

     The rest of the team comes in to set up the equipment in the designated command central location.  The tech specialists consult with the founder and co-founder to determine the “hot spots”.  Cameras and audio equipment are then put into place.  With the help of team members, the prime areas of interest are explored briefly to gain baseline readings for temperature and EMF.  Digital photos are taken to ascertain placement of any potential misleading objects.

     The team assembles at command central and pairs up in groups of two to begin the investigation.  The first team begins by measuring temperature and EMF, noting any changes from the baseline readings.  The team then sits quietly for a few moments to simply "feel" the room, carefully noting any impressions.  Digital photos are taken.  A digital voice recorder is used to conduct Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) work.  Members ask questions such as "Is there anyone here with us?", "What is your name?", "Why are you here?" and "Would you like us to leave?"

     Each team tries to debunk any unusual activity that has been reported so as to differentiate genuine paranormal activity from that explained by natural causes.  All areas of activity are explored in this manner, each team taking approxiamtely 30-45 minutes to conduct as thorough an investigation as possible.  Once each team has been dispatched and returned, all voice recorder and digital camera evidence is downloaded to a laptop computer for later review.

     At command central, the video screen is monitored as the camerasplaced earlier record any possible anomalous activity, which is marked down and later reviewed closely.  Within a week, all material is reviewed.  Any activity that cannot be   explained by natural occurrences or can be effectively “debunked” is considered legitimate evidence.  This evidence is documented and copied onto a disc.  A meeting is scheduled with the client to reveal the  evidence and review the investigation.  At this time HaRPS and the client determine whether a follow-up investigation is necessary. 

     As a group we aim to target those activities that are reported by conducting scientifically-based investigations.  We go into a site with the approach that everything can be explained.  When we come across something that cannot be explained with conventional or scientific means, cannot be “debunked” and have evidence supporting the activity, we conclude that the activity is of the paranormal.

     Prior to the investigation, we conduct thorough research into the history of the place to be investigated to gain as much knowledge of the area as possible.








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